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Energy Solutions

Energy N Telecom Consulting Limited offers cutting-edge sustainable energy solutions including Fuel cell, Geo Thermal, Solar, and Wind Power technologies. Our solutions ensure up to 80% savings on energy consumption and up to 75% reduction on power and gas bills for residential and commercial consumers.

Telecom Networking

Experience the next level of connectivity with our Solar Powered Light Poles featuring built-in 300Mbps Wireless N Access Points and 1000Mbps Fiber connected back-bone. Enjoy telephone, internet, IPTV, security alarm, and other services at competitive prices in homes, businesses, offices, condos, apartments, and multi-dwelling buildings.

Consulting and Distribution

As an OEM Distributor and Manufacturer, Energy N Telecom Limited specializes in offering Sustainable and Renewable Energy Products, Solutions, and Services based on Fuel Cell, Geo Thermal, Solar Power, and Wind Power technologies.

Innovative Solutions

Our company focuses on introducing groundbreaking solutions that combine Solar Power with Wireless Telecom Networking to provide unparalleled services in the market. We strive to bring cutting-edge technology for energy and telecommunication needs.

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