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Energy N Telecom® Promotes, Builds, Designs and Installs Sustainable Energy Solutions, offering quick Return on Investment (ROI) for customers and up 80% savings on energy consumption and up to 75% reduction on power and gas bills for residential and commercial consumers.  Our Sustainable and Green Energy solutions includes products that are powered by "Fuel cell, Geo Thermal, Solar and Wind Power" Technologies. 


Energy N Telecom Limited is also the first company in our market space to introduce ground breaking solutions that combines both Solar Power and Wireless Telecom Networking.   The new Energy N Telecom® Solar Powered Light Poles with built-in 300Mbps Wireless N Access Points, and 1000Mbps Fiber connected back-bone allows customers in Homes, Business, Office, Condo, Apartment or Multi-Dwelling Buildings to enjoy "Telephone, Internet, IPTV, Security Alarm and other community based services" at more competitive prices than is currently available in  their area.



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Energy N Telecom® Solar
Software Monitoring for Solar & Wind New Ground Screw Technology   Install Building, Foundations, Advertising Sign Boards, Solar or Standard Light Poles,  Yard Fence, Playground Equipment, parking meters and more..
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Energy N Telecom® Solar
3kW Mobile Photovoltaic Generator    
Energy N Telecom® Solar Poles Solar Powered Light Poles, available for residential and commercial purposes.  Models available:  Street Light Poles, Way-Side Poles and Parking Lot Poles
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