Energy n Telecom® will help you to design and create your own high performance communications network solution, whether wirelessly or over any existing wired infrastructure in your Home, Business, Office, Condo, Apartment, Gated Community or Multi-Dwelling Building.  Through a combination of new technology and strong partnership with other select manufacturers, Energy n Telecom® is able to deliver very reliable Voice, Video, Data, Gaming, Alarm System Monitoring and IPTV connections at speeds of up 1200Mbps.


The new 1200Mbps technology, leverages the use of existing electrical or power outlets, Wireless 802.11 (B/G/N) and cable coax lines to create a communication network that will reach more people, more places, and in less time than traditional retail wireless.  Above all, this new Energy n Telecom® communications network solution offers very high security, management and scalability for enterprise class deployments in Homes, Small Enterprises (SME), Gated Communities, Apartments, Condominiums, Municipal and Community Networks.



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